What is Server Caching & Why It’s Important

We’ve all experienced it before: clicking on a search result from Google only to wait what feels like an eternity for the page to load. We don’t like to wait. We want results now. So we exit the site and move on to the next search result. 

Your ideal customers are doing this too. Don’t let your site be the slow loader. Make it lightning fast with server caching. The faster your pages load, the faster you can capture and convert leads. Server caching simplifies the way servers load your pages and benefits your SEO and customer experience overall. Let’s look at how server caching works! 

How it Works

Think of your website as a masterpiece, painted by layers of code. The layers of code and design communicate to the servers how to replicate your masterpiece onto anyone’s screen when they enter your site. Without server caching, every time your website loads, the servers have to quickly “paint” your website onto the page. Computers can compute this information quickly, but every millisecond is precious time when it comes to the internet.  

This is what’s happening in the background as you wait for your page to load. Server caching steps in to make this process easier. It says, “Hey. Instead of starting from a blank canvas every time and repainting the same thing over and over, let’s keep the finished piece around and just show it to anyone who enters the site.” Your page can be loaded instantly from this cached copy of your site, instead of reloading the same code every time. 

Why Server Caching is Awesome

A faster website is better. From a purely human perspective, it improves your customer experience. A business’ website experience directly reflects their business. If your website is slow and frustrating to work with, customers may assume your business is too. A great website reflects a business who cares about communicating well and caring for their customer. 

On the other hand, a faster website is essential to improving your SEO. Keywords can tell Google what your site is about, so they know when to display your website as a search result. But Google is also watching what happens after they display your site. Did the searcher stay on your site for a long period of time, or did they exit out immediately? The answer to this question tells Google whether or not your website is a reliable source to be displayed in the future or not. 

Add Server Caching to Your Site

Here at Copper City Marketing, we help businesses reach their goals and go farther with their digital marketing every day. Are you ready to implement server caching to speed up your site? Do you have questions about other SEO services? Contact us today! 

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